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Areas of Interest

THE TRAIL OF THE 100 GIANTS Is located 10.7 miles south of the Ponderosa Lodge. This paved Forest Service Trail &  across the highway From Redwood Meadow Campground. It is a gentle trail (accessible by Wheelchair) that loops through a standing grove of Giant Sequoias, the Largest trees in the world, native only to the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.

DOME ROCK. A lovely wedding site, is a lookout (less than three miles South of the Ponderosa Lodge) providing a panoramic view of the Needles and the Kern Plateau. From the Western Divide Highway, an unpaved road Leads to an easy foot trail from a convenient parking area. Dome Rock Presents a world class climbing challenge from the base

NOBE YOUNG FALLS is a foot trail for the more ambitious hiker. Located 3.7 miles from the Lodge off the Great Western Divide Highway one mile from paved road, down-hill fishing trails lead to the base of the falls.

NEEDLE'S LOOKOUT offers a spectacular view of the Kern River Basin. Access to the Needles is via Road 21505, south of Quaking Aspen Campground. The final stretch of the foot trail is a catwalk leading to the Forest Service Fire Lookout Station.

JORDAN PEAK At the summit you are treated to an excellent view of Camp Nelson, Slate Mountain, Sequoia Crest, Moses (the rocky ridge) and vlaggie (the nicely shaped peaks) Mountains, the higher mountains near MIineral King and in the distance, above the valley smog, the Tehachapis and Coast Range.

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